Membership is now overdue, the office will normally be staffed Monday and Wednesday 0900 to 1200 * - - * If you cannot make those times please either pay by BACS or post your form and cheque to the club or post it into the office mail slot within the club. * - - * The Sets League Results have now been re evaluated following many queries, This was expected during this trial run.

Rink Fees and membership

As stated in the financial report at The AGM rink fees from Monday 6th September will be reduced to £3 per session.

In fairness to those member's that have the current tokens, we will be offering you the chance to trade in any existing green plastic tokens for the new, temporary, tokens at beneficial rates.

You may have noticed that rinks are now fully open to be booked, this does mean that we cannot guarantee to have someone available to issue them at every session so members will have to think ahead or if all else fails pay cash.

Apologies for the changes that have happened but unfortunately, they all had to be made to ensure that the club remained financially viable during very uncertain times.

As Andy Cox stated we could not rely on government grants or insurance pay-outs until they were in the bank, especially the insurance as them having to pay out large sums to a huge number of businesses meant that we could not guarantee that they would remain in business.

Their money arrived in our bank account at the end of last week and caused a rethink on our membership position.

It was decided that along with the lowering of rink fees the membership renewal date would be returned to 1st September but with a reduction this year from £55 down to £35. Plus of course the yearly locker fee of £3, if you do have a locker and this has been missed from your renewal notice please let the office know.

Renewal notices will be sent out this week and will quote 15th September because the computer system needed a future date to work to.

Flooding update, after a meeting with the loss adjuster we have submitted a quote and await permission to proceed. With the number of claims that were submitted due to the flooding in the area and staffing over the pandemic things do not move as swiftly as we would like.

Once the club is running again we hope to restart the attempt to purchase a powered chair, for details and a chance to donate please follow this link. Bowls royce wheelchair details and oportunity to donate/a>