Membership is now overdue, the office will normally be staffed Monday and Wednesday 0900 to 1200 * - - * If you cannot make those times please either pay by BACS or post your form and cheque to the club or post it into the office mail slot within the club. * - - * Happy New Year to you all.
Club Officers
Club Officers
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   Mr M Hunter   Chair
   Mr M Simons   Secretary
   Mrs E Hext   Director
   Mr K Brown   Director
   Mr C Swift   Director
   Mr C Cox   Director
   Mr K Mansbridge   Chair Elect
   Mr G Earle   Vice Chair
   Mr M Simons   Secretary
   Mrs J Paul   Committee
   Mrs C Frost   Committee
   Mr B Guy   Committee
   Mr R Line   Committee
   Mr M Bunning   Committee
   Mr P Hunter   Committee
   Mrs S Mansbridge   Committee
   Mr P Haynes   Committee
   Mr Thurling   Committee
   Mr D Fielding   Committee
   Mrs A Hewlett   Committee
Key Staff
Non committee