Please be aware that the air conditining system on rinks 7 -9 is being installed from 20th June * - - * Please note the club will be closed on Friday 24th June as the power will be off during the day

News From the chair January 2022

Firstly, I hope that you all had a happy time at Christmas and wish you all a healthy new year.

There is a member that is owed a rebate on his Xmas meal payment due to an issue with the machine, please could that member see either me or Maurice as us seniors have forgotten who it was, and the note has gone and hidden itself, sorry!

The Christmas meal was a success and as far as I am aware everyone enjoyed both the meal and the entertainment. The on the day Raffle made £95.50, the draw proceeds total will be obtained from the treasurer, once the Christmas break is over. Thank you for your support in providing prizes and buying the raffle tickets and the draw squares. At the time of writing there are still prizes to be collected by:- Dave Grist - 2 prizes, Colin Teat, John Carter and M Smith.

I am writing this before Jan 1st and currently we are still allowed to meet up and play our indoor sports (bowls, darts, pool etc.), provided we wear a face mask unless actually playing the game or sitting down whilst eating or drinking, things might change after the New Year.

Please respect the law and try to protect yourselves and fellow players/members from Covid, remember being fully vaccinated does not prevent you from catching or spreading the virus, hopefully it does mean that you have less chance of being hospitalised with it.

From what I have been reading and hearing lately the booster dose starts to lose its effect after 10 weeks and is not fully effective for 2-3 weeks initially, so most protection is for weeks 3 to 10 after the booster is given, a point worth remembering.


We are looking for a few more volunteers to staff the kitchen, if you can spare some time occasionally please either come along to the kitchen when open or contact Keith or Sue Mansbridge.

Changes to Leagues

Please will the Bird League teams playing on 10th January note that their games will be starting at 1200hrs and not 1145hrs due to the knockout cup being played from 0930 and being a set number of ends. Unfortunately, you might even have a small delay at 1200hrs whilst waiting for them to complete their matches.

If the Bird League matches start later than 1200hrs then the Ladies Triples teams will also have a slightly delayed start.

Club Competitions

It has been decided not to attempt to run this year's club championship competition, because, due to the disruption caused by covid we were late advertising it and then realised that even if we were not shut down again in the New Year our members would struggle to fit all of their games in.

The outstanding prizes for the Summer Leagues will either be awarded during the awards event, to be arranged, or if shut down before then, arrangements will be made for it to be collected from the office as last year.


During January we will be cleansing our membership database so that we comply with GDPR rules, over the last year we have rightly or wrongly kept you on the database. The reasoning behind this was that, if you had not renewed your membership, we did not know if you were just waiting for Covid to settle down or were not intending to renew it. The time has now arrived when we must act and during January those marked as unpaid on the Beeken system will find that they cannot enter the premises or book rinks. Once the database is cleansed, we will then reload the email database to reflect it.

If anyone finds that they have been wrongly removed from either, please contact the office and discuss the issue.

Please note that everyone's membership should have been renewed on September 1st, 2021, and due to becoming one club, GDPR and issues within the system we can no longer offer different renewal dates for outdoor bowlers. Any outdoor bowlers that are not paid-up members will legally have to be deleted from our records.


We believe that our records for the tenancy of lockers is now accurate and any locker that is not registered to a current member that has paid their yearly rental will be emptied, all contents will be stored for a further period of 3 months before being disposed of. We will try to ascertain who the items belong to using any clues found in the lockers or old records that we have but suspect several belonged to previous members that are no longer in the area for various reasons.

If you have not paid for your locker since September 1st 2021 please do so now.

Open sessions to encourage new bowlers

Hopefully you have read that we are holding two open sessions, Jan 16th 2-6pm and Feb 2nd 4-8pm where anyone can come along and try the art of bowling for free, volunteers will welcome and show (not coach) visitors how to bowl in the hopes that we can introduce them to the challenges of bowling and hopefully become future members.

Any member wishing to volunteer should contact Martin Bunning to register their interest.

Insurance claim

The office is still chasing the insurance claim regarding the flood damage in July, but every time there appears to be something that the insurers are querying, unfortunately for whatever reason, they do not ask us for extra details until we chase them. A very frustrating experience.

This is a fairly short news article this time as Christmas causes a pause in activities not related to the period of time.

Keith Mansbridge (chair)