EIBA rules require all rinks to be pre-booked in advance, anyone arriving without a booking will be refused permission to bowl. * - - * EIBA rules require the club to steward sessions therefor we require all bookings to be made before 2100hrs the day before, the club will not honour any made after that time. * - - * The AGM has had to be postponed by COVID laws until we are allowed to hold large meetings.
Dates for your Diary



Please note new rules, all rinks must be pre-booked before 2100hrs the day before. This is because every session must have a steward in attendance. Any sessions without a booking at that time will mean that the club will be closed for that session. YOU CANNOT JUST TURN UP AND PLAY, sorry these are the E.I.B.A. rules regarding us protecting our members by being Covid secure.

From August 8th the government are bringing into law the wearing of masks at indoor venues, we decided that as we are opening on August 1st that the rule be implemented then rather than start and then have to change instructions.

We intend starting to gradually offer more pre-booked "Almost Roll-ups" after we have seen how the first one runs, we will change things regularly if we feel that your safety or the smooth running of the club requires changes to be made. Currently we hope to be able to offer the Winter Leagues in September, the format may well have to be altered from previous years depending on how we see things will run safely.

We are trialling a new online booking system, this is not a real offer of coaching but feel free to book a place on this ficticious event so that we can evaluate its usefulness. Ficticious coaching event just for evaluation purposes.https://coaching-26th-august-2020.konfeo.com