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Dear Club Secretary,

I hope this email finds you well.

We have received several enquiries regarding the League programme in light of the rapidly developing coronavirus pandemic despite the fact that the League isn't due to start for another 6 weeks and whilst the Government's advice is evolving and developing on a daily basis.

Therefore, based upon our knowledge of the situation, we have outlined below the current League considerations, mindful of the League's participants age profile, and would welcome any feedback from Club Secretaries.

We have decided that all three Knock Out competitions will be cancelled as these are due to start at the beginning of May.

The start of the League programme will be delayed and a decision concerning its operation will be reviewed at the end of May. The decision will not only take account of the Government, Health Agencies and Sports' National Governing bodies' guidelines but also the status and situation of Clubs at that time.

If the League operates over the summer, in whatever form, there will be no charge for team registrations, only for player registrations.

The League Committee's next meeting is currently set for Tuesday 14 April and any feedback from Clubs before that date would be appreciated.

Keep safe.


League Secretary & Treasurer